1Play / 1Gain – how to win at slots method

filosofia-de-las-maquinas-tragaperras-350x199There are many strategies available about how to win at slots games. The so called “one play/one gain” is only one aspect in the art of playing with slots games. Understanding these tactics may seem a little daunting, but with practice and determination understanding will come.

It really comes all down to luck?

Many players assume that winning at slots games is just a matter of luck, when the truth, it is exactly the opposite. While the rich can find an incredibly entertaining hobby, gambling with the idea of ​​winning by chance, those with fewer economic opportunities must rely on other techniques of play if they really want to make a profit. Although it is always recommended to play slots for fun, some are left wandering if they couldn’t play for something more.

Although there are extraordinarily complex strategies, the following method called one play/one gain, will dramatically increase the players chances of winning. It is always advised to remember, experience is the best teacher. Practice will teach gamblers the different mechanics of slots games, and subconsciously train their mind to understand how they work. These kinds of strategies are mostly recommended games that boost huge jackpots.

1st Strategy

The first strategy encompassing the one play/one gain method is the following: each time one of the players get a win that is around 1 to 3 times the amount of the original bet, players are required to make a bigger gamble. The logic behind this is the following:  playing again after winning will not make the player go back to his initial money. Therefore, in the case of loosing, the next play the player does wont end up meaning anything. This strategy also requires that in case of loosing, the players stops playing immediately.

2nd Strategy

The second strategy is similar to the first, but uses a different incremental logic. In the case the player wins three of four times the amount of the initial bet, this strategy indicates that an additional three  boosts are given to the bet to try to win more. The same reasoning applies to this strategy so does the former. Being the case that the player will have won four times the amount of money he gambled, he will not be using his initial budget to carry out the following three plays. In the case the player looses in the three, he wont really have lost anything.

We advice all players to remember that discipline in the play time is critical for a profit. Furthermore, instead of trying to gain an immediate short term, keep in mind a method for gains in the longer term. Eventually, a long-term effort focused you will get more profit.

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