4 Big Trends Emerging in the Online Casino World

With recent news emerging at the start of the New Year that Britain’s online gambling industry is now worth over 2 billion, casinos will take that as great news in testament to the work they’re doing to attract new players and provide top service.

But what with the business increasing and more players getting involved, what are the real trends behind the surge in online casino gamings recent success? Let’s take a look at four big trends that might have helped contribute to the increase.

Increase in Female Players

According to reports in the media surrounding the growth in the online casino business, an increasing factor that’s likely to have lead to such a result is the number of female players adopting casino gaming as a hobby and activity to do after work or in leisure time.

With online casinos offering more varied gaming options than the male-dominated poker games of the past, online bingo and scratch cards have done a lot to attract a wider range of players, diversifying the demographic also.

More Online Casinos

Of course another huge factor behind the fact that nine million Britons are estimated to gamble online throughout the coming year, is the fact that there are a greater number of places online for them to do it.

Since the opening of the Isle of Wight’s Microgaming Software Systems first online casino, there are now 120 online casino operators using their software and hundreds of others available online built on and using other software. Such an increase has lead to online casinos becoming a familiar thing in the modern world and helped stoke interest among new players keen to learn how old classics like poker and craps can provide great ways to spend free time.

Legal Precedent

We can’t also forget law and how it’s changed to accommodate the online casino world and helped propagate its expansion both in the UK and abroad.

In Britain specifically, the laws made in the mid 2000’s by the then Labour Government allowed casino companies to advertise across a wide range of media. As a result online casino’s grew in their offerings, diversifying from the popular staple games and offering interesting other games like slots as well as the ability to bet on almost any sport across the globe.

Software Developments

Last but not least, the huge strides in technology and graphics have done a lot to contribute to the appeal of online casino gaming, especially in recent years and beyond. Gone are the 2D-graphics of old with most online casinos now running on sophisticated graphical engines that make playing slicker and more attractive, as well as increasing its level of realism.

Couple that with the fact that many casinos have also fully embraced mobile technology, developing applications and scaling their sites down to be used on tablets and smart phones, and you can also see why the growth continues to march forward.


Online casinos are here to stay and only rise in popularity as these advancements and trends open up and increase in number. Get started playing today and begin riding the wave of its cultural popularity for years to come.

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