7 Casino Restaurants With Really Good Food

Huge jackpots and partying all night long are not the sole reasons why a lot of people love visiting casinos. There are so many cool and exciting things about casinos which capture the fancy of a lot of visitors and this includes the food. In fact, most casinos pay a lot of attention to what is served in their restaurants as people are becoming more particular on how the food tastes after an exciting time at the tables. Here are some of the best casinos to visit when you are in the mood for sumptuous food.

Bellagio, Las Vegas

No one ever said that a stint in the sin city comes cheap as you can have every luxury that you may ever wish for when you are in the Sin City. The same is true for the food especially when you are dining in a gaming mecca such as the Bellagio. The Picasso restaurant which can be found in the Bellagio is one such example. Authentic paintings by the master can be seen in this restaurant and it combines Spanish and French cuisine.

Borgata, Atlantic City

This restaurant is the first one owned by Michael Mina on the East Coast but even at first glance, you can immediately tell what the restaurant will have on its menu. This seafood restaurant is definitely charming complete with its decorations and design. The signature dish in the restaurant includes the lobster pie which is made from a Maine specimen.

The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

This place is undeniably a food mecca which is known for offering both Chinese and Mexican food. The fusion between these two cuisines resulted in really good food; take for example the Asian duck tacos.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

For a taste of the most sumptuous cuisines from the Mediterranean, there’s no other place to be than Hotel de Paris. The restaurant here prides itself for serving baby lambs which is roasted in the fireplace and seasoned with Espelette pepper. There are also around 400,000 bottles of impressive wines in the cellar.

Atlantis, Bahamas

If retro is something that you always adored then this place is the perfect getaway. The dishes here are all classic from the coq au vin and the lobster thermidor. The restaurant made a cameo appearance of the Thunderball, one of the James Bond movies during the 60’s although there have been several changes in the place which were geared towards improving the appearance of the restaurant.

Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas

The restaurant in this casino is definitely one of a kind as it is home to one of the chefs which are acclaimed for the intricacies of his cuisine. This happens to be the first US restaurant which makes use of simple cooking styles and focused on using products from the country such as Sonoma foie gras, Maine Lobster and the scallops from Washington Bay.

Casino Lisboa, Macau

For traditional Cantonese dishes, there is no other place to be than this restaurant in Hotel Lisboa which is connected to one of the largest casinos in the area. The food here is undeniably good. In fact, the restaurant here has already earned 2 Michelin stars due to the quality of the food which is served here.
Casinos are made not just for gambling, they also allow people to enjoy small luxuries in life such as the food. Even if you are staying at a casino with the full intention to win a lot of money on the tables, it would still be impossible not to feel hungry and not to pay attention to how the food tastes. With these facts, it is necessary to choose your casino well when you want to eat sumptuous dishes.

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