7th Heaven – Classic Best Slots!

6749-emprcimqcj7th Heaven is one of the best slots developed by grand masters Betsoft or at least… one of the most profitable ones. The design is pretty straight forward, very classic with no gimmicks to detract of the central experience. In an exclusive opportunity offered to you by 777 casino and your favorite Slot Blog, we give you a chance to play many free slots, including 7th Heaven directly from this article!

Why playing for Free?

Playing for free gives you a chance to try the game mechanics and see it they suit your style and taste. It will also let you know f 7th Heaven is worthy of your money and time, there is no review that bests experience and we do know this. So here, you have a chance to try the game for free for as long as you like. If you end up wanting to play for money, you can easily go for it. Just remember 7th heaven is one of the best slots with a classic designs around.

Game Design

7th heaven is a 5-reel, 18-payline slot that gives profits with just a single symbol. The title of one of the top  best slots developed by Betsoft gets it from its maximum bet which is $90. Doing the maximum bet enables the player to play two free spins round and an incredibly profitable bonus game. 7th heaven accepts coin denominations between 2 cents to $1.

Symbols and the Lucky 7!

The game includes: blue sevens, green sevens, bars, cherries, bells, red sevens, a Gem Party Icon, a Color Wheel and all four card suits. In addition, there is one of the favorite symbols that every one of the best slots offer, a Wild symbol. When the wild symbol appears along a colored 7, massive wins can be achieved. By getting three red 7, you will get the maximum jackpot, a swooping 5000 coins.

Jackpots goes Round!

Many may have noticed the color bonus reel we mentioned in last paragraph. When this symbol appears three or more times, a bonus screen appears where the game asks you to spin a wheel for some nice bonuses. The wheel has numbers that go from 7 to 12 and depending the number you get, the number of free spins the game offers you. This means there are a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 12 free spins to spin. This feature can easily multiply your results.

Memorable party

Should the player get three or more Gem Party symbols and a second screen will appear, featuring seven colored gems. For every spin, the game will award you 7 free spins and for every matching gem… profits will start amassing. For example, if you are lucky enough to get 5 blue gems, you will win 7500 coins. Remember to check out the payouts table, as there is a reason behind this game being one of the best slots around.


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