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When most people think of slot machines, the image that would pop into their head would most likely be that of a physical one-armed-bandit machine: three reels with a few different types of fruit. Whilst you have probably seen some of the more complex machines in person, you may not be aware of the wide range of variations on slots that players can enjoy by going to the casino online. Whilst there are many different sites which offer their own twist on slots, the most popular variants will usually be represented on most of the major sites.

One of the most popular variations is five-reel slots, the obvious difference being that instead of trying to match symbols on three reels, players are faced with the task of matching them across five reels. The best online casino sites offer a range of five reel games, so if you’ve never tried them before, here are a few reasons why they are definitely worth a look.

More Chances to Win

Whilst matching five reels as opposed to three may seem to be more a more difficult prospect, five reel machines in fact often offer players more ways to win. Looking back on the history of slot machines, we see that multi-payline games came about as a result of technological advancements in the 1990s, and offering multiple opportunities for players to win made these sorts of machines very popular. With five columns as opposed to three, players have even more paylines available to them – and as a result, even more ways to win depending on their pay table. The increased complexity that looking out for different paylines adds to a slot machine has no doubt contributed to the increase in popularity that online casinos have observed since adding ways to play slots online: there is a lot more to playing slots online that you might think – and it can all be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

Bigger Payouts

One of the biggest reasons that people play play casino slots online is for the big cash prizes, and the increased difficulty of getting five in a row means that the top jackpots available to five reel players eclipse those of three reel machines. It’s all a question of risk vs. reward; of course you’re less likely to match five than three, but should you have that one lucky spin you could be looking at a major payout.

Possibility of Progressive Jackpots

On top of all the other benefits of five reel play, some casino online games will offer progressive jackpots on top of their already high prize funds. If you’re not already familiar with how a progressive jackpot works, it is a system where a huge jackpot is built up by taking a small proportion of stakes from lots of players and putting them into one prize fund. Whilst machines that feature progressive jackpots typically pay out less than normal machines, this is obviously counterbalanced by the fact that players are constantly in contention for some serious rewards, so they are a clear favorite with fans of playing casino slots online. Be warned though: in most cases, to be eligible to win a progressive jackpot, a player has to bet the max that the machine permits, so know that you need to play high risk to be in with a chance of going after big money.

If you want to win big whilst playing slots, it’s definitely worth considering playing five reel slots and seeing just how big the prize funds can get. Different websites offer different machines so it’s worth looking around to see which suits you best; some may offer an online casino no deposit bonus, whereas others may just have a wide range of machines that interest you – it’s all down to personal preference. For more information on the latest slots and online casino news, keep checking on and join the latest discussion on five reel slots on Twitter.


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