Are progressive slots the best slots available? Origins and Analysis

megabucksslotIf some word were to define the best slots experience, many players would agree in the word “Progressive”. Progressive slots come with progressive jackpots; the kind of jackpot that once achieved can easily change the life of the player. A progressive jackpot can reach millions of dollars, making their prize the ultimate slots games prize. In the coming paragraphs, we will offer some insight on their history and their mechanics. As fanatics of slots games, always remember, there isn’t a thing as too much information. Check our selection of greatest fun slots games.

Origins of Progressive Slots

Going back to the beginnings of the 80, slots games makers started doing some serious experimentation. Their objective was to find new experiences regarding the slots games scene, reinvigorating it. So, a genius soul came up with the idea of slots games interconnected with each other, each adding its own grain of salt to a common jackpot.

A few years later in 1986, slots games manufacturer IGT formally showed what would become the first interconnected set of slots games, by the name of Megabucks. This completely changed the casino scene, as these so called progressive slots promised the chance of a mega jackpot. Each play on every machine would give a little more money to the jackpot fund.

Making a jump to the present, progressive slots are among the most popular slots games variations around. Both in physical presence casinos and online casinos, players will find these mega monsters, waiting to spit a life changing jackpot to some lucky soul. Going into the cybernetic realm, Cash Splash was the first online progressive slot. Cash Splash continues to be active, normally giving around $1,000,000 each month.

Mechanics of Progressive Slots

The dynamic of this kind of slots is pretty straightforward. Each time a player presses the spin button, a small percentage of the gamble goes to a common jackpot, whose winnings are generated from a large group of slots. The tricky part is that progressive slots tend to give fewer winnings than common sots. Looking the matter from other angle, the player gets fewer winnings at the expenses of a mega win.

For example, if a progressive slot gets the 5% of the gamble made by the player, the payout given by the progressive slot  in case of a win will be less of the 95%. Add to this some points casinos normally deduct and this percentage becomes even lower. Be warned, this is an example, every casino has different mechanics.

Crucial tip for the Mega Jackpot

There is a crucial tip every player should take into account before facing against a  progressive slot. It is imperative to bet the max amount of coins the machine permits. Each and every progressive slot only pays the mega jackpot if the max has been gambled. Chances for winning it are minimal but, a fact is that someone does win it every time.

Are they the best slots available?

For the grand finale, are progressive slots really the best slots available out there? Well, the answer lies in the player. It is a fact that their payout is lower than that of non-progressive slots. A recommendation we give you is to spare money particularly for progressive slots, as they could offer a bit of frustration. What can make them the best slots is that players won’t find other kind of slot that can give a jackpot that goes over the million mark.

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