Are slots for fun? Biggest Jackpots in Las Vegas! Part 2

Continuing our very own recount of the biggest slots games jackpots, we share another bunch of mega winnings some lucky player made in Las Vegas, the world heart of gambling. Even so, few individuals ever walk out of Las Vegas being rich. If this was the scenario, the system would cease to work as after all, entertainment is business and such is the Las Vegas motto. Feel good, gamble a lot, see thousands of colors and hear thousands of sounds and forget that there is a regular life outside of the city. Having shared that reflection with you folks, we continue:

Orange Juice and a Jackpot, please!

Johana Huendl, a 74 year old woman of Covina California, spent all the night thinking about her future breakfast at Bally. She just couldn’t stop wandering about that succulent omelet they serve but just before of getting to her table, she decided to spin the luck on a Megabucks machine. She gambled a total of $170 and took into her pocket a grand total of $22.6 million. The irony resides that she firstly believed that she had won just 2 million, which is an incredible amount… but nowhere as incredible as $22.6 million.

Cesar’s Luck

A native of Illionois that was battling with a mortgage and the raising of a couple of boys took home one of the biggest recorded jackpots at Caesars Palace. The 49 year old business consultant just wanted to tr to play slots for fun and gave it a spin with $10 bucks. He ended up doing one of the best investment’s done in the history of the universe, winning $21, 3 million in the blink of an eye. We can safely assure the mortgage and his child’s will have the best future money can buy.

One dream… two Jackpots

In 2005, a 92 year old man did the unthinkable, winning his Second (that’s right, second!) Megabucks jackpot. He took into his bank account the hefty amount of 21.1 million. The man had already won $4.6 million all the way back in 1989. Some say luck favor the elderly… but twice in a life time is something truly unheard of.

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