Are slots for fun? Biggest Jackpots in Las Vegas!

Few individuals can say that they play slots for fun, or at least only for fun. Profits and jackpots are some of the main attractive of playing live slots games and online slots games. Las Vegas is the cradle of slots games and as such, many do go with the notion of becoming millionaires. Just last week a man walked out of a casino with $1 million in cash after an incredible streak playing Three Card Poker at the Flamingo Casino.


Many players that do hit it big remain anonymous as getting their names known can bring some problems (thefts, envy) and the common belief that a millionaire isn’t a normal person. However, as a slots blog we feel obliged share the fortunes of those who make it to the spotlight, so either if you play slots for fun or for profits, here is the 1st part of the biggest slots games winners of Las Vegas! After that long introduction, the time has come to share the biggest wins of Las Vegas! :

The Lucky Engineer

In 2003, long before the supremacy of online slots gaming and other ventures inside the casino world, a 25-year-old software engineer from Los Angeles took home the incredible amount of  $39.7 million after gambling $100 in the Megabucks slot machine located in the Excalibur.  According to the engineer, the last thing he expected was to become a paragraph inside the history of Las Vegas. The odds were 1 in 16.7 million, just gaze upon all the possible outcomes, however, the one that did happen made the engineer win a grand total of. $39,710,826.36

One Dreamy Cocktail

Circa January in 2000 a Las Vegas cocktail waitress named Cynthia Jay-Brennan with just 37 years old, made a scratch on a MegaBucks slot that won’t never be forgotten. Brennan was just staying at the Desert Inn and decided to try her luck to see if she could win a couple of bucks. Destiny made her took $34.9 million. However, her happiness didn’t last for too long, as six weeks later a drunk driver ended her sister life and left her paralyzed and in a wheel chair. This sad happening made myths arise that bad things happen to big winners.

Are slots for fun? $27 million say otherwise

In 1998, luck favored the elderly, when a 67-year-old retired flight attendant hit a home run in the heart of Las Vegas, when with his last $100 gambled on a slot machine at the coveted Palace Station. Her complete gamble was of $300, an amount that could be used for many purposes. However, $300 transformed into $27.5 million at the blink of an eye. She was the first player to win more than $20 million on a MegaBucks.


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