Are you a Slots Games Addict?

Given the simplicity of playing slots games, it’s no slots news that many individuals trespass the little line between a hobby and addiction. In this article, we will present a thorough study on the subject, one that as a slots blog, we believe it is imperative know about.

Professional Input

“Any addiction is a condition of freedom, because the playing needs doing and does neglecting other aspects of daily life: work, school, family, friends … The person lying low labor and concentration, even when not playing his thought is outstanding game, how to retrieve the money he has lost, when he will play again. This has a negative impact at the household, labor, legal and economic, even arrive fraud “, commented Professor Echeburúa, sociologist specialized on the gambling scene and slots games addiction.

Colorful Hypnosis

Most gamblers present signs of addiction to slot games and this is a fact. The statistics are repeated both in scientific studies and in aid associations. Four out of five people seeking therapeutic help are dependent on slot games, euphemistically called ‘arcade’. Maybe they also play bingo games, try online poker, they may even play the lottery regularly, but the main draw are always slots games.  The fact is that slots games can be found in every bar,  in addition you have the music and the sound of falling coins, generating the awards a certain fascination, a large field in the player.

One of the great problems of gambling is the ease of access to the game, even among the younger population. For example, in the USA there is only partial data. Failing integrative study, it is assumed that there is a serious problem among adolescents, especially those with bad school grades, or that they directly skip classes and spend time in bars,. In an increasing rate, more teenagers victims are falling to this addiction.

Born in Adolescence

Over 30% of gambling addictions begin in childhood or adolescence. Aid associations among its players in rehab with some very young.  The youngest case of a USA child addict was a child of eleven.  The young boy, now a rehabilitated player, tells us how his problems developed:

I entered with friends in bars, playing, very young. But they left after a while and I continued. In addition, I felt like I had to win always, if I missed something, I just had to retrieve it. This kept me playing all night, until I realized I was sick. I knew something on my behavior wasn’t normal.  Later they identified me as an addict, which made me feel very scared and very embarrassed. I always wanted to run away, from people, from me, from the problem.

In gambling, as in other addictions, there is a denial of the problem gamblers that are not recognized because, although play is frowned upon socially, be pathological gambler is not. It is particularly acute for women addicted to slots games that simply for fear of rejection, are reluctant to seek treatment. Usually gamblers attending treatment centers have a history of very high dependence of at least five years of serious play.



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