Awesome Features of the Popular Online Slot Game Book of Ra

book of ra

There is no denying that slot games are becoming more popular, after all who can say no to the lure of this game of chance where you can just spin and win. Given the popularity of these types of games, it is not surprising why a lot of people are looking for really good slot games and among the best is the Book of Ra which can be luckily accessed through This game happens to be Germany’s most played online slot machine game. What’s more is that this site offers not only the game but also a bonus worth €100 just for paying them a visit. So much for game bonuses, here are some features of the Book of Ra that makes it hot to a lot of online gamers.

Ancient Egyptian Mythology Theme

Ancient Egypt has always been a favourite setting for a lot of games and there have been several slot games that also used this theme. Your goal is much like that of a Chamber Hunter and as most of those adventure stories go, your ultimate goal is to find the treasure which comes in the form of the Book of Ra. Along the way, you see Symbols and Hieroglyphics and there are also stuff such as Pharaoh’s and Osiris Symbols as well as scarabs which can help you further on your gameplay. Once you find the Book of Ra, you are entitled to Bonus Games that can max out your bets.

Classic slot game format

The Book of Ra deserved its reputation for being one of the best games because it is really simple but at the same time, offers a lot to players. The large international following is one of the reasons why this game can be played in a lot of sites including The gameplay is pretty much comprehensive and the format is similar to all other slot games, so you will not be at a loss while playing it. Slot fans can look forward to symbols that are spinning across the game’s five reels. There are also five win lines in the game and although this in keeping with the tradition of the slot machine’s restrictive nature, this format is a classic one. A single coin is placed on each line and players can modify their bet from $0.08 up to $20. Once you have everything in place, you can either choose the game’s auto play feature or proceed by giving the reel a spin.

Huge jackpots

The winnings will certainly be one of the things that gamers are interested in when they are planning to play a game. In the case of the Book of Ra, the jackpot can either be $100,000 or five thousand coins when the max line bet has been used. With the amount of money that you stand to gain, it is not surprising why the game has garnered its fair share of fans.

Bonus Symbols and Rounds

While on the subject of playing the game, one other reason why it is quite popular is that the Book of Ra, once found, can be used as a wild card. Three or more scatter symbols are also good for free 10 spins which can increase your odds of raking in some big prices from the game. Another important feature of the game is that there can be a separate bonus round. With this, you can win twice even when you are spinning only once.

By offering almost everything that a gamer could possibly ask for, there is no denying that the Book of Ra deserves its popularity. With its features, you are bound to win more and have a more enjoyable time in an online casino.

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