Bar-X 125 – simplistic elegance and Free gambling!

barx-125-randomlogic-classic-slot Today we welcome you to one of the best slots games available out there, a slots game that isn’t cherished for its amazing graphics or animations, or because of its incredible sound effects. What we have here is a different kind of online slots games beast. This game is cherished for its simplicity that gives it a certain kind of unique appeal to almost every slots player. Today you will be able to try the famed Bar-X 125 at our expense, or in other words, for free!

Possible Combinations and Mechanics

In the bottom of the article you will find an instant play passage to this terrific online slot. Bar-X slot machine features three reels with different kinds of symbols. You will find an X, O and Bar and the wild symbol won’t have a common representative. With Bar-X a wild will be made up by combining both a Bar and an X symbol, which spices the deal a bit. Combinations include XXX and BAR BAR BAR, for the sake of doubters, OOO isn’t a possible combination.  XXX grants you 5 times the stake you inputted, BAR BAR BAR grants you 25 times the stake you inputted. Simple enough isn’t it? Well dear reader, that’s the beauty of this game! Simplicity and winnings!

Simplicity and Something for everyone!

Pros and casual online slots games lovers regularly play this game. There are no gimmicks or over the top mini games, there is only a simple and entertaining time, slots games for those that just want to relax. We aren’t saying that elaborate slots games are bad; we are only saying that for those looking to take a break and want more of a direct and simple experience, to try this game. Bar-X pays… a lot, although you won’t be able to get that benefit as this is free playing.

The beauty of trying the game for free, is that you will be able to taste the mechanics before inputting real money. How many times as a casino blogger have I been disappointed for a poorly developed game until it was too late I can’t recall. This kind of opportunities are great for all of those who want to play slots for fun, or at least have a demo of the game before trying it for real money.


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