Best Casinos for a Romantic Getaway

Casino may seem to be a good place to make a fortune but that’s not the only thing that they are good for as these places also have a romantic streak. Even a place where people are gambling fortunes in a table can have a softer side and there is no denying that with all the complex casino developments, these gaming halls are built for something other than the comfort of gamers and to cater to travelers who are looking for plush accommodations. The reason for the romantic air of these casinos definitely goes beyond the fact that Vegas is a cool place to go for a quick wedding. Here are some of the most romantic casino hotels:

Iguazu Grand Resort, Spa and Casino, Iguazu Falls, Argentina

There is no denying that bodies of water have something about them that reminds people of love. The leaping waters in the Iguazu Falls is surely no different and it is quite a powerful backdrop that can make the experience more memorable. This place is perfect if you have a fascination for falling waters and as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Iguazu is certainly one of the most beautiful sights in the planet. Plus, it is the only hotel located on either side of the border between Brazil and Argentina. Located just a few minutes from the airport, you can look forward to an unforgettable experience in this place.


Bellagio, Las Vegas, Nevada

Anybody has heard of the Bellagio and it would be quite unbelievable if there was someone who didn’t as this hotel is quite popular whether you are a gamer or not. Drawing its inspiration from those charming European villages, you are in for a magical night at this casino. Perched on a spot where you have a good view of the famous fountain that performs a choreographed ballet complete with music and lights, you are in for a treat. This casino which is owned by MGM Grand is also equipped with a full range of services that will surely have a romantic flair.


Mantra Punta del Este, Spa and Casino, Uruguay

For a woodland romance, this casino is certainly one of the best places to be as it is snuggled on a hilltop in a private woodland in La Barra. The place is a resort fashioned after the Mediterranean style and it is near the beach. There are so many adventures that you can do while you are in the resort from spending time at the swimming pool to hunting and doing all kinds of water activities. The sleepy coastal town is also a good place for budding romance but if you are interested in socializing, the month of December is the perfect timing as the place transforms into a summer resort.


The Ritz Carlton San Juan, Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

The Caribbean always had a romantic flair about it and this is one more reason to spend some time here. The place has a remarkable spa and this is one good place for rejuvenation. They also have a really nice garden. Another good thing about this place is that it is quite near the old San Juan which such a nice place to explore with someone special. Plus, the airport is near the place too.


Romance is certainly something that people don’t seem to get enough of and casinos have their own brand of romance that attracts a lot of people. With the introduction of casino resorts that come complete with all those cool features, it is not surprising why a lot of people are becoming interested in spending some romantic time in these casinos. A bit of thrill in the tables combined with the plush and delightful ambiance is certainly a perfect place to spend a getaway with someone special.

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