Best Mobile Sports Apps

Whether you want to get to grips with the latest transfers and tactics, manage your fantasy football team, play footie on your phone or just place and manage your bets on the move, there’s a mobile sports app for you. We round up our pick of the best sports apps on the market below.




If American sports are your sort of thing, ESPN’s flagship app SportsCenter is the perfect download. It rounds up virtually everything you can think of from the world of American sports, including the very latest scores, news from around the globe and events associated with your favourite team. The app also updates during games and you can configure notifications to suit you.

Fox Sports Mobile


Fox Sports Mobile provides you with all of the latest sports news 24/7, bringing together information from all around the world, including videos, news, analysis, scores, standings and much, much more of sports around the world, from American classics such as NASCAR to international soccer and the UEFA Champions League. You can also personalise the app with your location to get focussed and local news and store your favourite sports and teams.

At Bat


Stream every MLB game live to your smartphone or tablet using’s At Bat app. It’s not free, but it’s perfect for baseball fans – you can customise the interface with your favourite team and take a look at stats for rival teams, as well as get up to date information on games, statistics, events, schedules, odds and much, much more.



If you’d rather get out there and be active instead of watching others do it, try the Nike+ fitness app – keep track of how far and how fast you run, as well as how many calories you burn. You can log your runs so that you can see how your pace improves over time and set yourself running challenges, too.

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