Blackjack Ballroom slots away two greeting 2013 promotions!

press_release_distribution_0099820_11565Being a slots blog, we seek to present the most attractive promotions available in the web for slots games players. This is the case with the new Blackjack Ballroom promotions, designed to greet the new year. Both of them focus on their slots public and are based on two of the most successful slots launched last year, Hot Ink and Karate Pig.

Hot Ink and Karate Pig 2013 promos

The main promotion has gone live in January 1 and will cease in January 31. This promotion is played on one of the most successful properties launched last year, Hot Ink. The tattoo parlor themed slots game ended up paying more than $59 million over 2012.  Every gamble on Hot Ink will receive a 100% boost, exponentially augmenting players chances. If players should want to take advantage of this amazing promotion, they must buy at least 100 credits before January 31.

Beginning Saturday January 5 to Thursday January 10,  the second promotion of Blackjack Ballroom runs on the player favorite Karate Pig. The slot become famous because of its incredible and detailed graphics, finding the right balance between wins and a superb presentation. In this slot, players can either choose the Pork Chop bonus or the Hammer bonus. Basically, the top gambles on Karate Pig each day until the promotion finalizes will get $100. If players want to take advantage of this promotion, they must deposit at least $20 before January 10.

New Games

A new year couldn’t be complete without some new propositions for the players of Blackjack Ballroom. On January 9, two new games go live in the online casino. The first one goes by the name of “The Finer Reels”; the online slot presents the player 243 different ways to win and is themed on life’s luxuries, such as good drinks and cigars. Lastly, there will be an add-on to an old classic of Blackjack Ballroom, Sure Win. Sure Win is a horse racing themed slot that probed to be the most played slot on Blackjack Ballroom in 2012. The add-on will give the online slot a multiplayer option, so the game comes closer to the horse racing betting experience.

Blackjack Ballroom is one of the most prestigious online casinos in the web, with many years of trajectory, particularly in the online slots department. To access their site and start slotting away, click Here

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