Cleopatra – sexy yet mysterious experience… For Free!

imagesCleopatra offers a truly special experience for those carving to play slots. Being just one year since its release, the game continues to amaze players all around the world. Here, as a part of our joint venture with 888, you are going to be able to play free slots with dear sexy Cleopatra. A treasure of £100,000 lies in in Egypt, come and claim it!

Free slots Exclusive privilege

As we said, here you will be able to play slots for fun, a privilege not too many online slots sites offer to its users. We know by heart that it doesn’t feel good to gamble on a game you haven’t yet tried, so we give you the chance to learn about the game and try it for free for as long as you like. This way, you will gain the confidence needed to gamble or… you may release that it isn’t your cup of tea and continue your search in our casino games section.

Play Slots in a unique way with Cleo!

The Video Slot features 20 paylines, and gives player the grand of opportunity of winning a maximum of £100,000.  By getting 5 Cleopatra symbols on any active paylines, the game will take things to a new level, multiplying the gamble 10,000 times. The game also has scatter symbols and its scatter wiins multiply the winnings by 100. Players play slots with Cleopatra because the game gives some of the most incredible wins in the casino business. Also take into consideration that scatter symbols awards the player with 15 free spins. Few casino games feature this many ways to get incredible wins and Cleopatra really embraces this concept.


Apart from the scatter opportunities, Cleopatra offers players the chance to play an incredible bonus games.  To get to the bonus game, 3 bonus symbols must be obtained.  Once this is done, the screen will take you to the bonus screen, where the winnings can be further multiplied. There are a couple of bonus games to keep things spiced up. We offer you the chance to play slots with one of the most varied games out there, one that has forged its legacy since the early days of casino gaming.


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