Cubis – ultimate way to play slots for free!

cubis-slot-machine-small (1)Many players do wander about the lack of original ways to play slots online. Too many games just seem like a rehash of yet another game, giving certain of sensation to the player that they have played the exact same game before. Here we offer you a glimpse into the world of Cubis, one of the best slots available, giving you unlimited free opportunity to try out the game. Cubis is one of the most simple slots games available, one that will offer you a unique experience from the presentation onward.

Refreshing way to play slots

From the start the first thing that will surely get your attention is the unique design of the game. Do not feel intimidated or out of your league, this is one of the most simple slots games around. Your first action will be to choose your gamble per line. This is done by modifying the numbers, having a default amount of 5c. Bets can range between 0,01 and $20 and the number of eligible lines for the gamble can be modified between 1 and 15 per spin. This gives you player great freedom to try numerous strategies as well as much needed comfort that when you play slots, you are getting exact experience you want it to be.

Cubis also gives you two ways to play slots, an automatic or manual mode. Those who like the feeling of clicking at the time of every bet can go with the manual while those desiring to let the slot do all the work, can choose automatic. The automatic mode lets you program from 1 to 999 automatic spins, so just sit back and watch the game do all the playing for you.

Symbols and Combinations

The game features three distinct scatter cubes with a certain different effects, each one modeled as a bomb. The line one for example, destroys cubes in every direction, the square one, destroys 25 different cubes that have the same face and finally, the nuclear bomb, which takes out 90 cubes from all across the board. However, even if you get scatters and many cubes, they will be replaced by other cubes, which will continue to increase the winnings. Should a player desire to play slots in a different and fun way, we truly recommend Cubis, which we remember is free. The game is truly incredible and adding to it, you can demo it all the time you like.


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