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2548507897_e33714acfaAs a slots blog, we feel obliged to share a space to talk about slots games addiction, an evil that haunts many players.

Anonymous Source

Being a slots blog writer, I must admit that many individuals at some point of their life were addicted to gambling.  Today we are going to share the words of an anonymous slots games ex addict, who wanted to share some light for all those that were and are victims of this addiction.

“I understand that I didn’t reached any extremes, but I was addicted and could not dominate the instinct that drew me to this terrible and devastating panorama, which I later acknowledged it was addiction. The pleasure came from of playing and replaying and later return to spend the winnings until such point that I started really thinking if this was an habitual conduct regarding gambling.

Slots Games were Everwhere

After I did this, my mind couldn’t just go away from the fact that gambling was there within my reach. For a few this I draw the line and stopped gambling but I could not help seeing other people play and while they did I imagined myself gambling.

My brain started playing tricks with me, sharing subliminal messages telling me that nothing mattered and that there wasn’t any problem with gambling just one more chip on slots games. At every corner I could just see boards with flashy signs like “gamble $10, win 10.000.000” and every event that was done in a random manner got me thinking about hitting some slots games to try out my luck.. They were so persistent messages that dragged by my lack of will I say, okay … 10 dollars and if nothing come out, then a penny more. And that was when I had taken the first ten dollars, and unapologetically pulled the rest of the money I could get.

Recognizing the Symptoms

It was the same win or lose. All my desire was to play on those machines. I was quite ill and did not know. I did not know that was not my own will. That’s when I began to reflect and make me some questions.

The main question I asked myself was…can I leave the game?

Clearly, that question was answered but just was not aware that I really could not.

I talked this problem with other people who had been in my same situation and had overcome this addiction. And between all the tips was someone who made me see the light: slots games are an evil for those with no self-control.


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