Family Fortunes Online Slots Game

Family Fortunes is a British game show that has been on since 1980. Over the years, it has changed hosts but the concept of the game has stayed the same. It originated with Bob Monkhouse and then Max Bygraves as well as a variety of others. Since 2006, it has been hosted by Vernon Kay and was renamed to become All Star Family Fortunes as the teams now consist of four family members and one celebrity.

There are two teams on every episode and they must guess answers based upon 100 people answered to try and determine the most popular answers. Some of the questions may include such things as “the top breed of dogs” or “things that someone from Wales would have.” The 100 people surveyed are typically volunteers from the live audience, obtained earlier in the day.

As a person guesses the answer, the host will look to “Mr. Babbage” the name of the large computer screen that holds all of the answers. If the answer is not up there, “Eh-uh” sounds – an iconic sound that is often associated with the Family Fortunes game show.

The game show is similar to Family Feud, which is the U.S. equivalent. Over the years, the computer screen has become more advanced – though the U.S. version was more advanced when it was revived in 1999.

Now, for those who love to watch Family Fortunes can play it because of the Family Fortunes Slots on Jackpotjoy. Everyone has the opportunity to win a significant amount of money – up to 10,000 times the amount that is bet. The amount to get started can range between 5p and £5 per spin.

All of the different reels will spin to display a number of graphics having to do with the show – including Mr. Babbage. The sounds are reminiscent of the show, giving players the feeling that they are on the game show instead of sitting in front of the computer playing online slots.

While the reels are spinning, there is a chance that it will hit one of the bonus rounds. There is the Family Fortunes Bonus Round, where players will get a chance to choose a character from the game to answer questions for a cash prize (that is guaranteed). There’s also a Star Prize bonus and a Big Money Mystery Winning Spin.

Only selected families are able to play the Family Fortunes game show in order to win a fortune. With the game on Jackpotjoy, everyone has the opportunity to play the game. There are many ways to win and it can provide hours of entertainment. There’s even a chat feature within the game where people will be able to chat with other players around the globe that are also playing the game – providing yet another level of entertainment while trying one’s luck on the slot machine.


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