Free Slots Online; Slots can win you lots!

In the era of Internet and high speed processors, the development of free online slots was inevitable. The advancement in technology has allowed the development of the first slots with bonus games in the early 90’s and the online slots that we see today.

Free online slots are games played at . among many others. In essence, they are video slots because they are software based. The difference from video slots of land casinos is that players need not be physically present at the machine. They can play on their computers by connecting to the online casinos through the Internet. Online Slots are divided into two broad groups. One group is the classic three reel slots and the other group is the video five reel slots. This body of system has arisen because Video Slots in land casinos usually have five reels.

Free online slots are full of features! The beautiful graphics and themes are a treat for the eyes. Let’s not forget the sound effects. Playing online has become entertaining and fun with the music to follow up the different themes. They have wild symbols and scatter symbols that offer increased payout opportunities. Free spins and bonus games allow players to win extra credits without having to stake additional funds. Many Online Slots also offer progressive jackpots. My personal favourite; free slots online!

Microgaming, Playtech, Top Game, Cryptologic and Realtime Gaming are leading developers of Online Slots and they are constantly pushing the boundaries to produce the most exciting, fun and original slot machines.

The ringing of the bells when winning and the entertainment value of the slots, makes them great way to spend your afternoon or evening.

The reason why I advocate free online slots over the land based slots? Here’s why:

I would rather play at home than to go to a casino.
Free slots online include both 3 reel slots (classic slots) and 5 reel video slots games. Thank God for that!

• More pros than cons
I don’t have to worry about paying staff or cost of alcohol. Also, free online slot allows me to win big on small bets.

• Variety
Even the best traditional casino will be limited to the number of slot machines they can have simply because space is a problem to hold them.

But online I can choose from over 1000 slots (approx.) to play with.

• Net Banking
Don’t have to carry hard cash or those tokens to play. A simple online deposit and I am good to go.

• Privacy
Nobody will be standing over my shoulder to see how I win. Trust me I personally find that irritating.

Being entertained with the possibility of substantial winnings, couldn’t have asked more from online slots.

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