Fun Facts – Granny gambled 300.000 euros on online slots games!

Once in a while a player wants to take a break of reading free online slots games reviews. The question is… how is this best achieved? Well… the world of online slots games and casino life alike is filled with curious tales of individuals that did things that can surely amuse you. Applying the old principle known as “it is funny as long as it doesn’t happen to me”, we are going to share with you today the tale of Katherine Hawdraft.

Darkside of the Granny

Hawdraft was your everyday granny who gives you a pair of socks and a couple of bucks in Christmas. Friends described her with kind words, calling her a woman that always wanted the best for others. Her friends also mentioned she was an online bingo games lover, but mainly as a hobby. The thing is… Hawdraft was an online slots games enthusiast behind the scenes, something that her 3 children and almost anybody knew or would have expected.

The surprise came a Saturday afternoon, when the children learnt that three properties that were of them were as a matter of fact sold. Hawdraft had sold and three properties and evermore, she has gambled the payments, amount that surpassed the 300.000 euros. All the money banished in the blink of an eye, while the children faced a very serious scenario.

Family Feud

It is a little bit sad to know that the three children sued their mother for 299 charges and later, the first day in the court room, Katherine burst into tears. The tale ended up  with a family feud and a granny that ended up alone with her addiction, one she never got over.


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