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Tomb Raider is a game full of variety and unique characteristics that make it stand from the crowded online slots market. This online slot is a classic of, one of the few places where you will be able to find it. As soon as you open it, the online slot welcomes the player with an introduction that shows a sexy animated woman named Lara Croft. Believe us when we say that the introduction alone will attract a fair share of players. The interesting part is that there is a lot more than meets the eye and when the gambling begins; one can only then fully appreciate this slot marvel.

Adventure Summary

Tomb Raider became a hit almost as soon as it was launched. This is mainly due to the many attractive features that will surely entertain you throughout the game. This game contains many features that made unique other slots games, making Tomb Raider one of a kind. You can get an incredible complete experience by just playing this game. This game is well equipped with various symbols, each with its unique effects. These symbols help you succeed in the progressive stages and let you win some outstanding prizes.

Amazing Winnings

This game is full of action and you can pay up to 2,500 coins. This award is not an easy goal to achieve and may require ingenuity and fate in the right proportion. If you succeed in getting an optimal number of different symbols, amazing prizes can be archived. These symbols can help multiply your winning amount. You can triple your amount of profit on each winning spin and believe us, the sky is the limit with Tomb Raider.

Wild and Scatter symbols

The wild symbol is denoted by the Tomb Raider and acts as a substitute for all other symbols, think of it the joker of slots machines. This makes them extremely useful, as they can make a losing combination a jackpot. Scatter symbols act multipliers; these symbols can make the difference in having winnings or getting a full pocket of credits. Finally, we have the scatter symbols, that are the deciding factor of the number of units multiplied. For example, if you get seven scatter symbols on the screen, your winnings can get multiplied by seven times. The scatter symbol is the always beautiful Lara Croft, so you will want to get it for something more than just the profits.

Bonus Game

Tomb Raider has a great bonus game can be activated only if you get the appearance of three or more Lara symbols on the reels. The bonus game entitles to get free spins whose frequency depends entirely on the number of the scatter symbols you get. The maximum number of free spins you can get is ten. If you are lucky enough to win on each spin, the rewards can be tremendous. This bonus game if something is inspiring, few feelings match the adrenaline as you get more and more free spins, each time increasing the size of the winnings.

Grand Finale

This online slot is dynamic and made for those looking for an adrenaline pumping game. , There is lot of excitement for those who love and dare to face the challenges. Get on board and join Lara looking for treasures!

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