Gambling for Charity

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Once upon a time, gambling was something for the public to do behind closed doors, either in specialised casinos, or with friends in a kitchen. Small groups or hardened veterans would travel to these games, or log on to the favourite online casino and compete against each other for the coveted cash prize. Especially with the introduction of online casinos, this process is repeated hundreds of times a day, every day, across the entire globe. The idea of gambling for money has been gripping people for years, now being seduced by the 24/7 availability on both traditional games such as online roulette and trendy 3D options for slots, among many others.

This attention has not gone unnoticed. Celebrities, from local to international, have seen how popular a medium these (often) high-stakes games really are, and have spotted the potential to get themselves out there and noticed, whilst raising money for charity at the same time. Granted, some may see this as a publicity stunt in order to give the celebrity good press, but at the end of the day, money is being raised for charity, and often in large quantities. Whether or not the celebrity gets anything out of it is a non-question when you consider the lives they could be helping by taking part.

Card games, like poker, have been the main targets for these charity fundraisers, as, although you need some knowledge and skill to play them, the potential to win big is huge. All you need to do is fill a room with celebrities who are all willing to play, and have them play for the cash prize, which they then donate to a charity of their choice. Going even further, the celebrities may also choose to donate some money to the pot, increasing the cash prize, and ensuring that a truly worthy donation is made to whatever charity comes out on top.

Although this excludes the other charities from getting a piece of the donation, it can generate huge publicity for any of the charities that help the process get started, and can result in thousands of donations from the public who are impressed by the day’s proceedings. In some cases, all of the charities that take part may take a percentage of the winnings, with the most money being given to the charity of the winning celebrity.

By Scott Clawson

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