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The Remote Gambling Association, known as RGA, has welcomed the decision of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), published on 24 January 2013, in which he confirms that the laws of the European Union must be respected by the Greek government legislation, measure that to this day continues to echoes through the Greek scene.

Greek Controversy

The case was submitted to the institution as a result of the joint request of the operators Stanleybet, William Hill and Sportingbet, which expressed concern in recent months against the arbitrary and highly monopolistic position in favor of the state company OPAP in relation to online slots games, an issue that should be open to all licensed operators in the Greek territory.

In the publicly announced decision, the government of Greece is mentioned their lack of adhesion to the laws is widely pronounced.

Criminal Activities Control

At the time of the publication of the controversial measure, the Greek government supported the decision by explaining that his intent was to control criminal activities, and that restricting certain online slots games just an official operator, such control could be increased. However, it was clear that the measure sought to concentrate only betting operator in the nation and restrict access to the market of any foreign competitor.

This decision is very important because in the past, the EU has maintained a steady silence despite many operators have reported a series of actions that go against the laws operating in Europe. This slots news don’t come as a shock to the scene, as all thoughout the world changes in the online slots games laws are being considered, as many models don’t compel the current scene. Keep checking our slots blog for more news regarding the amazing world of online slots games.

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