History Lesson of Slots Games

slot-historyEvery soul in the world knows about slots games. They are one of the hallmarks of the casinos and even to many bars and restaurants around the world. The ease of play and the chance to win great prizes in return for very small bets are undoubtedly its great attraction. Even considering this… many do now know the slots games creation. How about you? do you know what was the first slot game in history?

Charles Fey own Liberty Bell

The first of the millions of slots games that can be found today was the “Liberty Bell”, named Liberty Bell because one of the five symbols that had the wheels of the machine was the Liberty Bell. The rest are well known, horseshoes, diamonds, spades and hearts.

We owe the invention of slots games to Charles Fey of San Francisco, United States, a very ingenious mechanic who in 1897 invented the first slot game. Play was very simple, you just had to enter the coin and pull the lever, if you got the three bells were earning ten coins of 25 cents, a good reward for the time.

Gambling Revolution

Charles Fey’s slots games soon became very famous, which led her to dig deep into the circuitry of games. And although we have the image of a large casino inseparable with thousands slots etched in its inception, the machines enjoyed greater popularity among some wealthy classes, who used to frequent large casinos, especially among miners and cowboys the West.

Another curiosity, which shows how much it cost them to put a dent slot machines, were the first steps in the big casinos, which were set to entertain the wives of male players who were playing games “more manly” . When in the sixties, Bally developed the first electromechanical slot machine called Money Honey, the use of slots games spread around the world.

Modern Slots and affiliate Programs

Today, major casinos promote their best affiliate programs for reaching larger audiences with their finest creations.  This model has been empowered by the internet, where a larger audience can enjoy stunning graphics and jackpots of modern casino slots.

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