How Mobile Slots Will Rock Your World

mobile-slotsThink that mobile slots, those that you download onto your smartphone or tablet, will never be as good as those machines that can be found in brick-and-mortar casinos? Well, think again. Aside from its most obvious benefits (i.e. convenience, privacy, price), mobile slots also give you the opportunity to win big money!

Can You Win Anything From Mobile Slots?

Of course, you can. In mid-November this year, a 50-year-old mobile slots player named Bwin.Party (this is his username-real name withheld for privacy) managed to win a total of $1.9 million from Melon Madness, a slot machine game that was installed on his iPhone.

But this win was just peanuts compared to the amount won by the German mobile slots player, Gabriel L, in September. He won a staggering £3,744,513 ($6,068,732) from Spin Palace’s Mega Moolah slot. This has been the largest jackpot ever won by a player in the history of mobile slots. Not bad for something which you can play on the palm of your hand, huh?

Some mobile slots applications allow players to play without putting up a deposit. This means that people get to play slots without spending money. This is also a great way to practice and to test whether a particular mobile slots app is the right fit for you.

Playing Mobile Slots Competitively

It has to be pointed out that slots, whether real-life or virtual, is something that can’t be demystified or gamed with a “system.” Everything is completely random. There’s no magic there.

But you can turn the odds in your favor. What a mobile slots player can do is maximize his or her chances on hitting a jackpot (i.e. use the power of statistics to your advantage). Here are some of the ways which this can be done:

1. Check the mobile slots game client.

A legitimate mobile slots site usually relies on popular gaming software to power the backend functions of their application. For example, the aforementioned Spin Palace win of more than $6 million by Gabriel L was powered by Microgaming. Microgaming (considered to be one of the most reputable among all gaming software in the industry) usually have a payout rate from anywhere between 94% to 96%. The payout rates usually vary from one software to another.

2. Take advantage of the auto-play feature.

Check to see if your mobile slots app has an auto-play feature. This allows you to automatically spin or play a set monetary amount or set number of spins. It’s basically hands-free slots- perfect for those times when you have to do something else (e.g. write an email, water the plants, pick up the trash) but just can’t resist the lure of slots.

3. Read the fine print.

Always check the bonus section and wagering requirements. These are vital information that all mobile slots players should be aware about. Though some sites would offer tempting bonus comps or freebies, these are often only accessible if a player has already wagered a predetermined amount.

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