How to Lengthen Your Slot Machine Bankroll

Slot machines, whether you choose to play them online or in real life casinos, are both fun and exciting to play. But with the odds so often highly stacked in the casino’s favour, it’s hard to master them and get consistent results enough that makes casino gaming of this type seem worthwhile. The biggest problem? Stretching out the length of your bankroll for slot machine gaming.

Here are six tips however that can help you do exactly that.

Choose Your Games Wisely

Choosing the right slots to play, both online at places like or in real-life casinos, is crucial to your overall success. You want to be wise in the decisions you make when it comes to selecting where to play as spotting volatile machines (and then avoiding them) is the name of the game.

Less volatile machines, with more frequent payouts are where you want to be playing. Usually you can tell these types of slots by looking at their pay-out rates (when online) or pay-off tables in real-world casinos. If the type of slots you see are high-paying or multipliers than you know these machines are more volatile and likely to eat into your slot bankroll much faster.


Max Coin Bets: Don’t Always Make Them

Only on wide area progressive slot machines do you want to think about making the max coin bet. If you play the other types you’ll find yourself ineligible to win the big jackpot and instead only be helping to build it up.

Straight multiplier machines don’t give you any bonus for making max coin bets. You don’t necessarily need to make max coin bets to be eligible for a bonus payout so do your research on the slots you’re playing beforehand to see whether it’s worth it.


Look for Slots with Signs or Advertisements Offering High Payback Percentages

The wording around slot machine promotion is really important to take into account when selecting where and when to play. Some casino sections or online arenas will have signage or wording saying that slots have a certain percentage (highest being the most attractive obviously) payback rate. This will be a good indicator as to whether this slot will be worthwhile to play.

If you see, on the other hand, the wording “up to 98% payback”, then you’ll know that only a limited number of the slots available pay out at that rate, drastically reducing your odds and killing your bankroll while you’re at it.


Speed Kills: Slow Down Your Rate of Play

The faster you play, the faster you’ll be expected to lose. Slow down your rate of play on the slots and you can expect your loss-per-play ratio to be much less. Take break time between spins, both online and in real casinos, to preserve your bankroll and keep it healthy. This will also statistically be of benefit too.


Play at Good Casinos

Always aim to play at casinos with higher paying machines. You’ll find in real-world casinos that slot payback rates are usually public and online you’ll have a good indication of payout rates through multiple sources of information too.

Reference these when deciding which slot machines to play and where. Get a good return on your bankroll by looking for online and real-world casinos with the highest average returns.


Partner with a Friend to Create a “Slot Team”

Sharing your bankroll with a friend is another great way to make it go further. Both people put an equal amount in a pool and take turns playing.

This strategy is surprisingly enjoyable and you’ll know that both of you will share in the winnings, while also slowing down your rate of play. Just make sure you can find someone you can trust.

There are many strategies you can employ to widen your slot machine bankroll and ultimately raise your chances of success. Hopefully the aforementioned methods will be of some help.

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