How to Win Big at Slot Machines: 4 No-Nonsense Tips

Slot_machineSlot Machine Myths and Tall Tales

Modern slot machines employ complex algorithms in generating winning combinations. This means that there is no sure-fire, easy-win, strategy to hitting a jackpot.

But still, myths and dubious traditions about winning slot “strategies” abound. Supposedly, inserting a hot coin into the machine will give you higher chances of getting that sweet combination you’ve been waiting for. Not only is this idea incredibly stupid at first glance, it is also potentially dangerous.

Another myth is about the specific positioning of the slot machines in the casino; the “loosest” machines are purportedly placed in inconspicuous places like near the entrances or exits. Some people also spend time zigzagging around the casino floor looking for potential machines with “winning” patterns.

There is little (if any) evidence that these practices are helpful.

A player’s only arsenal will be composed of good money-handling skills, an in-depth knowledge on probability and statistics, and a huge amount of luck. Nevertheless, there are a few tips that might help “increase” a player’s luck at slots.

Tip 1

Fewer reels, fewer combinations = higher chances of winning. It’s that simple. It’s best to choose machines with three reels than those with many.

Tip 2

Know your slot machine. Read the pay table and determine the type of slot machine that you are playing. Progressive slots have larger jackpots; non-progressives give out smaller ones though the jackpots come up more often than the progressives’.

Tip 3

Playing at a casino regularly will give you the option of joining their players’ club. Being a member of these clubs will get you perks and privileges, like discounts and such.

Tip 4

Play machines with a high payout. Study the payout charts. A machine with a high payout can step-up your chances of winning. This can be gained from experience or from your friends at the casino club.

So what is payout percentage?

The payout (or payback) percentage of the slot machine is the percentage of the money that will be returned to players throughout the course of its life. The best casinos are those with a 95%-98% payout percentage. It might take a long time for a machine’s performance to reflect its payout percentage since spin results are chosen randomly.

What is Hit Frequency?

Hit Frequency is the probability of getting a winning combination on a specific number of spins. Put in ratio form, it is one win over the number of losing spins. Players often prefer a machine with a high hit frequency than one with a high payout since it has more chances of winning.

The most important thing for you to do here is to utilize both of these factors to maximize your winnings. When playing a machine with a high hit frequency it is essential that the payout percentage will not be ignored. Will it be a higher chance of winning with less jackpot? Or a lower chance of getting a winning spin but a much higher jackpot? It is better to balance these two factors out for maximum gain.

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