Instant play slots for instant satisfaction

Slot Machine by Rob Boudon, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  Rob Boudon 

Not so long ago, in order to have a decent playing experience on slots games, you’d have to download casino software onto your pc or laptop in order to play. Now however, with the rapid advances in technology, instant flash casino games can be every bit as entertaining to play.

And playing in instant play casino, you also have the possibility of playing wherever and whenever you feel like, as you don’t have to play only on the device that you downloaded software to. All you need is an internet connection and to go through to the games via whichever internet browser you are using.

Slots are one of the most played casino game categories – both online and at land-based casinos. And it’s not surprising as they are so much fun to play. There’s always a new slot to discover, whatever site you play on, and the great thing is that you can always find new sites to play on if you are looking for some extra variety in your gaming.

Most casino sites offer great welcome bonuses to new players signing up to the site. You used to have to pay in an initial deposit to qualify for bonus credit, but competition between the sites is so strong now that you’ll find many of them also offer a no-deposit bonus when you sign up and simply register a payment method, like a credit or debit card.

Part of the fun in playing slots is that the games are so easy to play. You don’t need to know anything about playing; all you do is pick the game you like the look of, place a bet and press Spin. The chances of winning are completely random, so there’s no pressure on you to play in a certain way to affect the result. If you win, great, if you don’t, there’s nothing you could have done to make the result different anyway!

Some people choose slots that are themed around their favourite TV show or film character while others go for the biggest progressive jackpot, or the more traditional fruit machine style games. The multi-line games can be really exciting to play, especially those that have a hold option, where you can hold certain reels before spinning the reels a second time.

You just have to watch out for the total bet you are placing on the multilines though. Each line bet is multiplied by the number of lines, so say you’ve got five coins of 20 cents on 25 lines, that’s $25 a spin! The total bet is displayed on the screen somewhere, but you’ve got to remember that it’s real money you’re playing with – unless you’re in demo mode, of course! Keeping an eye on how much you’re dipping into your account balance will allow you to decide when it’s time to quit, so that playing slots remains a fun activity rather than one that causes you financial problems.


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