Irish Eyes critique – Free pass to the great online slot!

Irish-Eyes-SlotsIrish Eyes offers you the chance to play slots with a game that takes the mantra of embracing the beautiful Ireland. As a part of our joint venture with 888, we offer the chance to play the game for free directly from here. Your only worry should be that after one click you will be fully immersed in a world of native Irish things and icons and after this review, you will conclude it this slots games truly deserves your money. They say the luck of the Irish runs with some, but does it run with Irish Eyes? Well. Let’s find out!

Ireland theme Effect

Irish Eyes provides some impressive backgrounds, filled with lots of detailed effects. The tricky part is, don’t expect to play slots through a recreation of Ireland with this particular game. The overall theme feels more like you are inside of Oz, with its eternal rainbows and pots filled with magical gold. Either way, the artistic direction is great and as you can play the game for free, you will decide if the theme suits your taste palette.

Relaxing Experience

What you should know is that the game atmosphere is great and very soothing. Ireland has something of a relaxing vibe and when this is combined with slots games, well… it is a great effect.

The symbols included on the game are what you are to expect of Ireland themed online slots games. Expect to see brick roads, pots of gold, leprechauns and 9,10,J,Q and K symbols. The Leprechaun symbol is should be the most important one for the player, as it can pay an incredible amount of 10,000 coins when 5 make an appearance on any given active payline.

The Wild Leprechaun!

As the majority of most modern online slots games, Irish Eyes features a Wild Symbol that enables the player to get huge jackpots. The Wild Symbol is the joker of the online slots games worlds and is able to substitute any other symbol. In Irish Eyes if you get a Wild on both the first reel and the fifth one, the game will let you choose between to icons, each granting you a special and exclusive prize.

Just remember we are granting you the chance to try out the game for free. Take this as a way of getting used to the game mechanics and if you really do feel comfortable, change the option to real money and start some serious business!



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