Jackpot 2000 – legendary free slots games!

mobile_jackpot2000Slots games fanatics are in for a treat today, as we offer a free pass to Jackpot 2000, a marvelous 3 reel 5 line which continues to make echo among other online slots games. Covered by SlotsCheers, your favorite and most glamorous Slots Blog, today offer you a full and concrete review of the game, as a direct pass to play instantly from this article.

Jackpot 2000 mechanics

Jackpot 2000 lets players gamble on up to five betlines per game round. The minimum gamble the game allows is one coin per payline, while the biggest are ten coins, making the max gamble on the 5 paylines.  To access one of the special features of Jackpot 2000, players must gamble the max bet. This special feature is called the Supermeter mode, which offers the chance of increasing the winnings. By betting just one coin, the winnings got from the paytables are cut into half, so this is one of those online slots games that promotes full gambles to full winnings. For other opportunities to learn about other amazing games, click Play Online Slots

Double or Nothing!

With each win you make at Jackpot 2000, they will tempt you into one of their special offerings that will surely get your head spinning. This special offering lets you double your entire winnings on a 50/50 chance, which really could take things to a whole new level in the case you already have amassed a nice win. It is a bit risky, but hey, we are players here, the adrenaline of the win is all that matters! Of course, just below you are going to be able to try the game for free. Test the mechanics, paylines, see it If matches with your taste. If you decide to bet for real money, take into serious consideration the double or nothing feature.

Supermeter Mode

The Supermeter Mode is one of the key features that make Jackpot 2000 stand from the rest of fellow slots games. This feature gives you a shot at winning with two joker a random mystery pay, which goes between 20 and 10000 coins.

Imagine getting into Supermeter Mode and then going on for the Double or Nothing feature, winnings could really be outstanding. To play for real money, change up the option within the game. We do remind you that here you will be able to play the slot for free for as long as you like.

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