Jackpot Gagnant – Free progressive slots games from Betsoft

Free slots games offerings have surely come a long way in our dear Slot Blog. The newest game to join the ranks, letting players play slots for fun, is Jackpot Gagnat, game developed by Betsoft. Today you will be able to play it for free to see if it’s your cup of tea. The free trail lasts as long as you like, so play away!

Game Mechanics

Jackpot Gagnat lets you gamble from 1 to 10 coins, with a valuation of 0,02 to 1,00 each. The game features three reels and five paylines so it is your fairly typical slots games. The special things about this game are its secret prizes. To get a secret prize, you need to get two lady icons while doing a max bet. The secret prize as the name says it, is secret, but can go up to 10,000 coins. Even so, secret prizes always are up from 5,000 coins, so you shouldn’t worry about them being too low. We know that the “secret” part could be a way of giving lesser prizes, but it isn’t the case with Jackpot Gagnat.

Slot Cheers Exclusive Opportunity

Even if you are not too fond of the gambling part, today you can play Jackpot Gagnat and other slots games for free. By doing this, you can rest easy your pockets won’t get any trouble. As a slot blog, we try the offer the best slots around and the most fun ones for our free slots games offerings.

Slots games are one of the Betsofts areas of expertise. The casino developer is renowned for its fun and original offerings since its inception. Their games usually provide equilibrium between gameplay and winnings, something that few slots games developer houses attempt to do. Today we offer you the chance to play one of the best games made by them for free, so you can decide for yourself if it is worthy of your money. Betsoft is currently working on three new slots games and we will surely give coverage of them as the information arises.


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