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john-wayne-dvdJohn Wayne is one of the most iconic characters in the world of cowboys. This particular characteristic makes one wonder why we haven’t seen any John Wayne themed online slot game… until today. The slots news of the day comes by the hand of Microgaming, company that has taken the work of developing a game themed around the legendary cowboy.

Spaghetti Jewel

The online slot tries to capture that nostalgia found on spaghetti westerns from the 70s, where the bad guys where dead bad and the good guys where the absolute good. Expect to see common staples from the genre, such as horses, guns, and your friendly piano player among other. It shouldn’t strike you as slots news to see a cowboy themed online slot, but this is the first one themed around the actions of John Wayne.

Great Shootout

The game was released at Omni Casino yesterday and it is already amassing great reviews. The online casino stated “John Wayne rides into Omni Casino with great bonuses that are sure to get you back into the saddle of winnings ways.” The development company destined a huge budget to the game, which is incredibly noticeable on the graphics and sounds. The art direction is outstanding and it really makes the player feel he is trying something really modern. On the other hand, the game features tons of bonuses and special promotions, making it a true money maker.  The “shootout” bonus lets you point your game gun towards many bud guys. The more you shoot, the greater is the bonus and believe us… you will want to shoot as any as possible!

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