Kill Aliens and Make Money with Playtech!

Cowboys and Aliens is one of the first online slot games to greet 2013. Based on the comic of the same name, the player can expect to see Indians and Aliens in complete mayhem. The artistic style is reminiscing of comic books, making this game an ideal for comic fanatics. Online slots games developer Playtech has just launched the 9 paylines slot and it is truly one of the best slots offerings of 2013.

Adjacent Bonus Madness

The wild symbol takes the form of a UFO and awards the player with a truly generous payline, with a max amount of 10.000 coins. The other symbols go along with the theme, taking the form of many iconic characters of the comic book. Fanatics of the comic book can expect to see Verity, cowboy Zeke, aliens, the priest and Indian. While getting winning combinations, frames of the comic will be presented on the screen. Taking a break from describing the symbols, Playtech has included a mechanic that has become a major slots news in slots blogs and casino blogs alike. Cowboys and Aliens is able to get winning combinations with symbols across adjacent reels starting from 3.

Alien Attack Incredible Bonus

Playtech didn’t drawed the line there with new features. Cowboys and Aliens is packed with many other goodies for players to exploit. The Alien Attack Bonus is one of the best features of Cowboys and Aliens. When the player gets the alien ship symbol on reel 1 and reel 5, the Alien Attack Bonus will trigger itself. When this happens, the player must choose between the three main characters of the online slot to stop the aliens. It doesn’t matter which you choose, the thing is the aliens attack in three waves and the more aliens are killed, the better. Other bonuses trigger when this happens, such as a 2x multiplier. This bonus round is extremely fruitful for the player and we feel obliged to say that seeing the character attack the aliens is one of the most exiting animated features we have seen in a slot game in a while.


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