Lotto Mania – Lottos, Promotions and incredible slots games Bonuses!

top-gameLotto is the round definition of classic, being one of the slots games that feature a biggest following. There are even little communities that join together to have a blast while playing through the game. Among the drawing factors of the slots game, players will be able to find the incredible atmosphere, rightfully created with amazing graphics and sounds. Developed by veteran slots games developer Top Game, now Lotto Mania will get a chance creating its own legend, only that now in your nearest pc, available in Mona Casino (online casino review here). That right, Lotto Mania is now an online slots games and we, as a slots blog, are here to review it!

Mechanics of the Game

Lotto Mania follows the footsteps of common Top Game online slots games. The most valuable symbols are the lotto players. Meanwhile, The Old Lady symbol gives the player the most valuable payout, with a maximum of 8,000 coins. Low paying symbols come in the form of numbers which design attempts to make them seem like balls. When the player hits any of these symbols on an active payline, from left to right, credits ensure. The slots news here is that Top Game has attempted to make a highly paying slots game, and it has achieved it.

Symbols and Free Rounds

The joker of online slots games, the wild symbol, comes in the form of a piggy bank. As always, this symbol is capable of taking the place of any other one, with exceptions being the bonus and scatter symbols. When the piggy bank substitutes any other symbol in a fruitful combination, a shower of gold appears. The scatter symbol comes in the form of a champagne bottle and when the player is lucky enough to get three or more of them, free spins are granted. For three scatters, 5 free spins, for four scatters, 10 free spins and if the players gets five scatter symbols, a swooping amount of 20 spins is granted.

Incredible Bonuses and Unique Features

It’s no slots news that every slots games must possess a certain feature that makes it stand form the crowd in order to be successful. Lotto Mania complies with this point, in the way of great slots bonuses. When the player gets three of more bonus symbols (the lotto cage) on an active payline, a cage will start shaking itself and the letters BONUS will start to fall from it. Here a classic Lucky Draw mini game will appear. It doesn’t go very far regarding complexity, but it does offer huge payouts. The mini game will let the player draw five lotto balls from the cage. Each ball has a distinct color and each color corresponds to a different numerical value between 2 and 20. It is a respite to play slots with the guarantee that a bonus game will really give players a huge number of credits.

To try out Lotto Mania ¡head up to Mona Casino and begin your own Lotto Legend!


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