Luck or Skill? Playing the Slots

“It’s a mug’s game,” you’ll often hear people say. But is it really? Is playing the slots simply down to luck, or is there an element of skill, or knowhow to being successful on the old one arm bandit?

Over the last few years slots on the casino floors of Las Vegas and Macau have become increasingly popular and pay out quite well, with many believing they have a strategy to get those coins jangling.

The most appealing thing about the slots is that they’re so simple to play. Around 80 percent of first time visitors at casinos head straight to the machines, whilst they are also readily accessible online with hundreds of slot games at Royal Vegas casino ready to play. All that’s required is a quarter or a nickel and a pull on the arm, and you could be a winner.

There are a number of ways you can increase your chances when sat at the slots, and it would need intricate planning, just showing up and sitting down, and the game is pure luck, but take in a number of factors and you could pick up a nice jackpot.

Like in poker, if you know your opponent, i.e. your machine, you’ll know how it ticks a little better. You’ll know how regularly it pays out, and the odds on how often symbols come up. The choice of machine is also important. You’re much more likely to win on a slot with fixed ‘flat-top’ machine, as the overall odds are generally similar no matter how high the jackpot, whereas a progressive machine, in which they are linked up to other machines, often throughout entire states, mean chances of winning are much lower.

And that’s why strategy is important. Essentially, the bigger the jackpot, the harder it is to hit, so by choosing to place your money in a smaller payout, the chances of a win are significantly higher.

When entering money, try to bet the maximum credit. In a lot of cases with the machines they only pay bonuses if maximum credits are bet. So it’s important to spend your money wisely. There are a number of websites that can tell you payout percentages at different casinos, meaning a bit of research beforehand can dramatically increase your odds of winning.

If you’re out to tread the floors of the casinos in Vegas then prime location can often be the most lucrative. Often known as ‘loose’ machines, they can be often found in popular areas of the floors and walkthroughs in order to attract attention when a player wins. You could be that player.

But of course there is a point where you need to know your limits. It’s the most important tactic of all. The slots can be a risky game to play if you don’t set yourself boundaries. And if you play it right, those boundaries could have made you a tidy profit.



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