Magic Lines – joins our Free Online Slots Games program, enjoy it!

In this space we will introduce you to the crème de la crème of free online slots games, Magic Lines. The game is a three reel slot developed by grand casino masters Playtech that comes with just one payline, but there is a trick to it. This new game that has joined our free online slot games program features magical artifacts, even with some spooky abracadabra moments for all those looking for a rush.

Magical Atmosphere

This game looks like it was developed by old school magicians, having an inherent charm for those that loved retro magic television shows. Expect to see magic wands, gloves, rings and lots of other references to the magic world. Even the paytable looks like a scroll, so those that loved Harry Potter movies will be sure in for a treat. Just don’t go casting an Expectrum Patronus on anybody!

Magic Slots Mechanics

The game allows player to do gambles inside the spectrum of 0.05 and 15 dollars per play. To enable the progressive jackpot (thing we really do recommend), players will have to gamble three coins. Progressive prizes of Magic Slots are around $30,000 and being the slot a very popular one, the amount tends to maintain itself. Be mindful that in the link we offer you here, you are going to be able to play for free as long as you like. To play for real money, in the up right corner you will find the option.

Magical Features

Three reel slots games don’t usually come with bonuses or special features. Magic Lines breaks this trend, offering the “red dice” bonus. When this symbol appears in the payline, bonus winnings are given to the player. Apart from this, at the right side of the reels you will be able to see a deck of cards. Be warned, they aren’t just decoration: by getting enough magic wands they enable the bonus game. Basically, the game will put three hats in front of you and you will have to choose one. One of those will get you a succulent prize, don’t worry, no bunnies or flowers, just profits.

Free online slots games Program?

When you see these words on any review of our slots blog, you will know you can play the offered game for free. We know about the frustration of not being able to try out a game for three before betting real money. Enjoy playing Magic Lines for the fun of it!


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