Men Are from Mars, Women Are Better Slots Players

How can the premise of this article’s title be true? Aren’t slots something that you win through pure luck alone? Can women really be better slot players than men?

These might be some of the questions that are on your mind right now- but hold on. We do have a few rational points why womenkind seems to be better at slots than most men. Here are a few reasons:

1. Women know when to stop.

Greed is a trait that is mostly (and unfortunately) associated with men. Mafiosos, money launderers, drug kings and other greedy individuals are almost always pictured as men.

This might be due to the inherent aggressiveness that makes men more prone to engage in actions with a high amount of risk. For example, after winning a huge jackpot at slots, men are predisposed to gamble all their winnings again in the hope of winning more. Since slots are preprogrammed with a house edge, playing desperately for hours on end in the hopes of “hitting it big” often results to disaster. Most women, on the other hand, would rather call it a day, stop playing, and keep their winnings to themselves.

2. Women are more patient.

With men, it’s always the excitement of winning something instantaneously that drives them to play. After several rounds of not winning anything, they become frustrated and start gambling more aggressively.

But patience is a virtue that most women seem to possess inherently. Female slots players stay level-headed throughout their playing sessions, playing safely and intelligently, thereby risking less of their bankroll. And as what we’ve mentioned above, they are more likely to quit playing when they’re still ahead, giving them a more chances of increasing their bankroll quickly and safely.

3. Women are better bankroll managers.

For most men, the only time they feel that they’re winning something is whenever they win a “big” jackpot. They are more likely to disregard the smaller payouts that they get over the course of their playing.

But women know that the value of these small winnings can add up over time. And they are more likely to keep track of every win and loss that they incur when playing, thereby making sure that their bankroll is well-accounted for. Some women even set loss limits for themselves to make sure that they are not overspending.

Key Takeaways:

The thing is, men can still manage to even out the playing field when it comes to slots. As you’ve noticed, the three points mentioned above do not refer to a playing style- they are more focused on a certain state-of-mind while playing. Female slots players are more calm and collected than their male counterparts, and this works well for them. Men should take a cue from the women and adopt a less aggressive and more strategic playing style, as well as a calm behavior when playing slots.

Like in most other aspects of life, patience is a virtue when it comes to playing slots.


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