Mobile slots are here to stay

iPad stand by Veronica Belmont, on Flickr

Are you playing your favourite casino games on your mobile device yet? If not, you may already be in the minority here. The explosive growth in the sales of all kinds of mobile devices from smart phones to tablets and the consequent increase in mobile internet subscriptions and app downloads is changing the way we gamble online. In fact, the worldwide market for mobile gaming is estimated to be worth in the region of £6.3 billion by 2014.

This is great news for punters. The fact that gaming is tailor-made for mobile devices, or vice-versa, means there’s a desperate scramble for our business. That’s because, once we’ve chosen a site to play our favourite slots or bingo games on via our mobiles – we become more resistant to change our supplier than we are currently on our PCs and laptops etc.

If you find your favorite slots at bgo, for example, on your mobile and you aren’t already a subscriber to the site – you can qualify for a whopping introductory welcome bonus. In fact, this particular site gives newly registering players a 200% welcome bonus up to a maximum of £200. What’s more, players also receive a 20% cash-back bonus each week. Obviously, such a bonus is well-worth having and bgo is by no means alone in making such a generous introductory offer. Virtually all the big slots and online gaming sites offer something similar – though this one is particularly good due to its on-going nature.

If you’re keen on slots games and you aren’t currently playing on your mobile, the fact is that this is likely to change. It’s simply the way things are already moving – until the next big thing changes everything once more.

And in addition to the fierce competition in signing up new players – there’s also competition amongst the gamers for the best gaming experience which is, again, great news for punters. So staying with our example of bgo for the moment; the site has recently launched an all-new mobile gaming site. This enables you to play all your favorite slots and casino games (including video poker) on your mobile device wherever you’re able to get coverage. Almost all mobiles are supported by bgo such as iPad, iPhone and Android etc.

So if you’re a regular passenger traveller, for example, playing your favorite slots whether for fun only in demo mode, or for real money, can really help pass the journey. Similarly, if you have to wait around for some reason, the games help the time pass more quickly as you’re being entertained.

Other big gaming operators offer mobile gaming too – and they’re all improving the gaming experience continually whilst also trying to lure us in with improving welcome and bonus offers. So keep an eye on what’s available out there before you choose which site you’re going to go with on your mobile if you haven’t yet done so. Mobile slots and casino games are certainly here to stay – so it’s really all about making the right choices.

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