Monopoly Remade

There have been many versions of the original monopoly game, enthusiastically re-marketed at each generation. There have been editions to mark the centenaries and anniversaries of different events, sets to celebrate different decades and even new themed sets to mark the winter Olympic games 2014, various football championships and other major sporting events!

For many people, giving a monopoly set as a gift means finding one that suits the recipient, especially if you want to divert from the original and give a more personalised present. What teenage boy wouldn’t want a Marvel Comic books heroes Monopoly set complete with all the superhero characters? Monopoly has been remade by many different brands, including Dr Who and James Bond. Their custom game boards are perfect for sci-fi geeks and action film lovers alike.

Many locations and towns have seen the advantages of using the popular game to boost their image as a fun place to be, highlighting their tourism efforts. From Albuquerque-opoly to a Yorkshire edition there are hundreds of games dedicated to specific locations, featuring their landmarks and famous places. The chances are that a quick search would allow anyone to buy a set dedicated to their area.

Whether playing on a board depicting your favourite film or sports team will help you win is debatable, but monopoly has always been a fun way to play against friends or family, with its fast paced action and iconic board layout. Many of the sets keep certain aspects of the original game, including, for example, the ‘get out of jail free’ card and the more recognisable parts of the original artwork. Some replace the iconic silver dog, ship, boot, top hat, iron, thimble, wheelbarrow and car with specially designed pieces to match their theme, but all keep the board layout the same, offering basically the same gaming experience whatever the theme.

However, the game has also had a makeover that’s more suited to our modern age. Forget setting the board out on the kitchen table – you can now play monopoly online – the ultimate for all fans. The age or interests of the player really don’t matter; the game itself is beautifully presented, fast moving and exciting and can now be accessed digitally. Anyone who has played the board game, even a long time ago, will appreciate the original graphics and style of monopoly online.

By adding a popular slots game to the mix, Paddy Power Games have recreated not only the look of the game but put a new exciting twist on how to play.


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