MythBusting Common Slot Machine Myths

Myth: The “loosest” slot machines are located at (insert location here).

Busted! This is one myth that is so inherently widespread among slot players. Yet there seems to be no consensus on exactly where the loosest (i.e. those that are more likely to pay out more) machines are. Some say that the ones near the aisle and where there are lots of traffic are loose, while some swear on the machines placed inside quiet corners.
Why can’t people agree on any one place? Simple, it’s because no one has ever proven a direct correlation between a machine’s location and its rate of payout.

Myth: Using a player card allows the casino to know about my winnings and report it to the IRS.

Confirmed! A casino will always report player winnings. Win/loss statements are necessary information that casinos need to track of for tax purposes. It’s up to you, whether you want to use your player card or not. But if you want to score comps and freebies while you’re playing, always use your player card.

Myth: I don’t want to use my player card since the machine will pay out less.

Busted! There is no rational connection between your player card and the mechanism that determines whether you won a jackpot or not. Like what was mentioned above, always use your player card so you can earn points on it.

Myth: Using cold or hot coins will increase my chances on hitting something.

Busted! This practice is one of those old-timey slots superstitions. There is no temperature sensor inside a slot machine’s coin slot. It has no way of telling whether you’ve inserted a cold or hot coin, so the temperature of the coin has no bearing whatsoever on your odds.

Myth: Avoid machines that have recently paid out. It will take a long time before it can pay out again since it will have to recoup its losses first.

Busted! Due to the RNG (Random Number Generator) system that modern slot machines use, each spin is basically equal when it comes to winning chances. It is not impossible for you to win another jackpot right after winning a first one. Every spin is independent and has no bearing on future spins; your chances will always remain the same regardless on when the last jackpot was hit.

Myth: I better be nice to everybody since the casino management can tighten or loosen slot machines remotely with just a simple click of a button.

Plausible! There is an experimental type of slot machines called “server-based” slots, wherein the odds can be altered with remotely. Don’t worry though, these type of machines are rare and it is unlikely to be adopted by most casinos soon. And even if casino admins have this kind of power over their machines, they are still regulated by laws that prevent them from making alterations to the machine’s system while a player is still using it. In Nevada for example, machines can be tampered with remotely only if it has been sitting idle for four minutes.


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