Nerdcore – The 4 Gaming Flatmates

Online & mobile slot machines are growing in popularity since playing them is fun and thrilling at the same time. This leads us to a new crew on the web that we would like to introduce you to!

Nerdcore – Is the story of four roommates who love gambling and recently started their own online gam(bl)ing TV show. To avoid the daily chores like cleaning, cooking, food shopping, etc… Don, Lilly, Andy and Toby constantly challenge and are in competition with one another to achieve the most possible points in Online Slots Gaming. These crazy roomies put our favorite Topic to a hole new level: They are fun to watch, and the videos are kind of addictive! It seems that these guys are just in for a laugh and have a flair for awesome games and hot gambling opurtunities.

Watching their channel we’ve seen good reviews and unique tutorials, but we’ve also seen them goofing around and getting annoyed by their (quite cute) girl tenet. If you’re looking for some fun you should definitely have a sneak peek at the this multi culti gambling team: If you like their stories you should add them on FB


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