Ocean Odds – Marvels of the Seas (and its Treasures too!)

Ocean Odds SlotOnline slots games have surely come a long way regarding to graphical and interactive developments. Ocean Odds an underwater Ocean-themed slot that boosts twenty paylines spread over five reels comes as a proof of this progress. Developed by Dragonfish, one of the main casino games development houses of the world, Ocean Odds is one of the best offerings of 2013 and here it shall be explained why.

Welcome to the Wide Sea

From the start, the game will greet the player with a very catchy tune. However, it is likely the player gets tired from the music after continual play, so there is an option to turn the music off. After that, as any other online slots games, Ocean Odds lets the player choose the coin denomination (ranging between 0.05 coins and 10.00 coins). For those seeking to expand the entertainment value out of the game, the recommendation is to bet 0.05 coins.

Ocean Odds comes with a big pack of goodies to keep its players entertained. The game includes Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, a bonus round and the possibility of getting Free Spins. The symbols aren’t nothing too special as they correspond with the typical archetypes, consisting in Jack, King, Queen, Ace, a dolphin, an Octopus, a Sea Turtle and five incredibly profitable sharks, that if luck is on the players side… they will bite a huge jackpot. Yes, it is a bad joke…

Shark of the Century

Should the player be lucky enough to get five Shark symbols after just one spin, Ocean Odds will give its biggest prize that it’s of 50,000 coins. Other ways to get big prizes is with the Wild Symbols, which come in the form of a Jester Fish. When the players gets more than two, the Jesters will substitute every other symbol besides the Crab symbol (it is the scatter) and the winnings will become multiplied.

The biggest draw of Ocean Odds is its Free Spins bonuses. Weird as it may sound, to enter the bonus round the player needs both a Puffer fish symbol on the first reel and one on the last one. When this is achieved, the player will receive ten free spins. For the mathematics lovers, consider the fact that is this combo is repeated, the cycle begins again. The casino news corresponsal of Slots Cheers shared with the staff that a lucky player was able to repeat the cycle three times, so it certainly is not impossible. What he did not got to know is the amount of inserted coins by the player.




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