Optimize your Profits – When you Play Slots Games! (Part 2)

images (4)Prejudices and common knowledge are a great evil when you play slots. This “information” if we may, greatly decreases the chances of any slots games players. A way to get over this so called “facts” is trying free slots, where the monetary harm to the player is none. Either way, before you do that, read our second part on how to Optimize your Profits when you Play Slots. At bottom of the article, you will find a link to the first part of this piece.

Hot and Cold = Nothing but Superstition

One strategy guides it is usually to bet on machines that have not paid in a long time so it must be “falling”. Many players believe this because it makes sense, but the reality is different. Given the prize payout percentage, the machines cannot be cold or hot, this means they are about to pay or not, for offering payments or not in the last run.

Each spin when you play slots is unique and does not depend on the result of the above, so that the options to get the prize on every play is exactly the same, regardless of past performance.

Meet the Odds of Profits

All casino games are likely to win. Depending on the odds of prize payments, the house edge is different. The higher the payout percentage, the lower the house edge and vice versa.

Slots games are no different to other casino games, so a good strategy to follow is to read carefully the prize payout percentages to choose the machine that offers more possibilities to win the player.

Play slots knowing the Odds!

In a game like blackjack player can reduce the house edge to a rate close to 1% provided that you follow a proper strategy. This means that for every $ 100 played the player recover $ 99 and lose $ 1.

In slots no human element, so that payments always match the percentage award of the machine. Should the machine delivers 90% awards, this means that for every $ 100 played the player recover $ 90 and the casino would get $ 10.

This is not exactly true, since to determine the percentage would have to play a high number of games, playing just 100 runs would be possible for the player win, you lose little or even not recover any of the money invested.

Well, that is all for today folks. If you haven’t read the first part on how to Optimize your Profits when you Play Slots, click here!

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