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9985It’s no slot news that if someone becomes very famous, there is a chance we will see him in a slot game. Marketing is everywhere and let’s face it; there is nothing funnier than seeing Clint Eastwood paying you.  Should you want to try these games, seek in your local casino and hope you are lucky. If you don’t find them you can always check out our very own section of casino games.

Pamela Anderson Slots

The hot and prime girl of Baywatch, Pamela Anderson, with a figure sought by everyone in the network, has been honored with a slot machine. Undoubtedly, Pamela enthusiasts will allocate much money to her slots (Yes, there was a “double meaning” there!)

Betty Boop Slots

This is the classic character that emerged in the 30s which managed to revolutionize global society with her sensuality. Betty Boop who had prominent curves for the time, has managed to get several slots with images of her. Betty fans claim that the slot can seduce humans in addition to providing external pleasure with the sound that the coins do when leaving.

Clint Eastwood Slots

The old movie star of Far West, now a film producer, he also participated in a casino for the opening of his slot machine. Clint Eastwood is one of the most respected and iconic figures from Hollywood, his eyes alone could inspire 300 slots and that is a fact.

Slots of Saturday Night Fever

This name comes from a majestic and successful American television sitcom. Since 2003 the event has its own slot in the Casinos of Las Vegas.

Star Wars Slot

This wonderful film created by George Lucas moved to the casinos around the world, to observe it in different slots.

Pele Slots

The Brazilian soccer star, is one of the most recognized worldwide. Pele also has a slot model available in various U.S. casinos.

All these characters, for its high popularity have an extension of their image in a market as important as the casino scene.We have covered many other important and symbolic properties which later became slots, such as Spiderman or Batman.


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