How PartyCasino Slots ushered in Big Mobile Jackpots

When one thinks of big slots jackpots, they often envision these being won in land-based or online casinos. Mobile slots, on the other hand, aren’t usually known for paying out large prizes. However, this is definitely changing these days thanks to what PartyCasino has done for the industry. If you’d like to learn more about this site right away, then check out this PartyCasino slots review. As for everybody else, let’s discuss how this online casino is helping bring mobile slots to the forefront.

Starting from Humble Beginnings

The mobile gaming industry got off to a very rough start after launching in the mid-2000s. The problem was that neither the gameplay nor graphics were very good. However, as time moved on, mobile casinos like Party began offering better products, leading to a major popularity increase. In turn, this led to more people playing the progressive slots games at smartphone/tablet casinos and driving up the jackpots.

By July of 2013, mobile gaming experienced its first significant jackpot win when a PartyCasino player netted £866,000. What’s amazing is that just one month later, another PartyCasino slots player drove the record up again by hauling in £1,448,150 ($2,085,335) on Melon Madness. Little is known about the man, other than that he was 50 at the time and won the massive prize through his iPhone. PartyCasino’s director of games, Golan Shaked, did most of the speaking for the anonymous player by saying the following:

We are delighted one of our players has hit such an amazing jackpot – and broken the world record for a slots jackpot won on a mobile phone. We are focusing a huge amount of time and energy on building the best mobile casino available and it is great to see our players enjoying, and winning, on our games.

Yet One More Record

What Shaked spoke about regarding “building the best mobile casino available” is definitely coming true in terms of jackpots. This is especially the case when you consider that PartyCasino once again hosted a record-breaking wireless win in October of 2014.

This time around, the lucky individual was playing Loot’En Khamun when they landed the right symbols and collected $3,589,344. Thanks to this win, Party has now created 29 millionaires through both their mobile and online casinos.

And you can definitely expect to see more of these millionaires being made through smartphones and tablets. Following the upward progression of PartyCasino’s mobile jackpot winners, the record prizes just keep getting larger and larger!

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