Playboy Casino Online – Official launch in June!

images (7)We ask you readers, what are the core elements an online casino must have to be truly great? It should have a strong design, with a particular confident direction. It should also have a smooth interface with no slowdowns… in addition to big promotions and top-quality games. But have you ever imagine slots being sexy?

In June, the official Playboy casino online will open doors to the world, positioning as a game changer in the industry. The fine and renowned elegance of Playboy will mix sexiness, slick design, solid attention support and incredible promotions will be the main pillars of this new online casino, but the killer competitive advantage come to light by the offer of a free trip to the Playboy Mansion!

Tickets to the Playboy Mansion!

When I was growing up, I always wondered what it would be like to attend to a party in the Playboy Mansion (actually, I still do). Playboy casino online is offering one of the best promotions ever, giving potential players the chance to win a ticket to an exclusive party that will take place at this Mecca of joy and beauty. To know more details of the promo and have a chance of attending to the party, sign up on Playboy casino online (free of charge). Signing up will also give you a $20 bonus when the online casino officially launches in June.

Confident Design

Playboy casino online s creating huge expectation among critis in the industry, who suggest it will be the most revolutionary launch of the year. A brand like Playboy, whose products always feature prime detail and care, is meant to offer a superb online casino experience. The typical artistic direction of Playboy, featuring different shades of black and greys will be present across its casino brand, and contrasting the colorful beauty of its rabbits. You will be able to find an incredibly user-friendly casino, a whole new visual experience. Liked the Playboy Magazines? Wait to check out the work their graphical designers are doing in their online casino.

Playboy casino online will feature the double Q of online casino gambling (Quantity and Quality). Expect to find lots of games ranging from classics to trendy pieces from the finest and most prestigious developers worldwide. The site will feature many incredible online slots games, including exclusive Playboy themed ones.


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