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The biggest blockbusters in the world are always hits because of their explosive script and engaging story lines. Films like Hellboy and the Star Trek franchise have grown to huge success for their intense action and now you can play along with the characters in the online casino community.

For many online gamers, the first thing to look for when selecting a slot machine is to play something that suits you. If you’re an action buff then Hellboy is exactly what you need to start gaming and potentially win huge jackpots.

Hellboy slots on Metro Play Casino captures the thrill of the film, casting the gamer into Hellboy’s world with some intense action to start. First, you must navigate through a tunnel system, shooting dangerous creatures to collect points. The more points you collect the more you carry onto the slots, where the real-money gaming begins.

In the slots there are 20 lines from which to win money from over five reels. Each reel contains the Kings, Queens, Jacks and Aces from a pack of cards plus some famous characters from the film. Spin five Hellboys and you’ll get 5000-times payout on your line bet and there are plenty of bonuses to also play.

The best one is definitely the Underworld Bonus, which casts you into the hellish underworld you must battle through to locate the hidden relic of power. There’s loads of chances to win big money on this game and isn’t to be missed.

For the Star Trek fans amongst us, there are five reels, 30 paylines and four bonus rounds to play with in the Star Trek slots at Metro Play Casino. This classic game brings back the characters of a lost generation and gives it a new twist, with James T. Kirk learning the ropes on the starship Enterprise.

Five Kirks in one line can nail you 1000 times the bet, while bonuses are available for the captain, Uhura, Spock and Scotty. Kirk’s bonus is headed by his famous line “I don’t believe in the no-win scenario” and that’s certainly the case here, as you’re given free spins to increase your chances of winning big money.

Big films are the best way to get into online slot machines and they’re fun to play in the demo mode too, so why not check them out at Metro Play Casino today.


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