Prevention against Slots Games Addiction

As a slots blog we feel obliged to share with the gambling scene a look through this delicate matter. Before this article, we presented another piece called  Are you a Slots Games Addict? There you will find the first part of this personal Slotscheers study on slots games addiction.

Common Denial

Many people do not seek treatment for a denial mechanism which activates as soon as they question their slots games habits. Even when they realize that they play slots on a compulsive level, players continue to deny slots games addiction.  When a player goes to a good rehabilitation center, he can expect a very positive treatment, both drug treatments to control impulsivity and depressed mood, such as to treat psychological loss of control and dependency. This is done through stimulus control and gradual exposure to risk situations with response prevention (prevention of gambling behavior). If you want to find more on casino addiction in general, click Casino Addiction, where you will find more information.

Prevent rather than Rehabilitate

An anonymous player shared with the staff of slotscheers: “My rehabilitation was learning to live without playing, if he had lived to play.” Like him, 70% of treated patients achieved a complete cure. But experts want to reduce the rate of gamblers promoting prevention rather than rehabilitation.  Some experts even considering that it may help that governments donate some money left over from such substantial taxes to be invested in treatment and research programs, as it is done Canada. It would be very reasonable that slot games be limited to specific sites identified that require a licensed card.  The objective of this is to avoid the temptations in a bar or a coffee shop, where people are most vulnerable.

Example of Consequences

Slots games addiction has developed enormously in Spain as a result of the legalization of gambling, the mass distribution of the slot machines and the increasing availability of online slots games. However, neither has been studied in depth, and it has never been incorporated into the formal mental health treatment. There are dedicated administrative remedies because it is not recognized as an addiction, except in the regions of Andalusia and Madrid.

We can even bring up what Ana Requesens, executive director of the social fundaion that demands the attention of health officials: “Problem gambling is an addiction without substance, so research funds go to other addictions. Currently, in Spain, there is no protection legal for gamblers, so the Foundation Gaudium we join the voices that are working to raise awareness of problem gambling and government to recognize this addiction.

Slots games addiction is a real problem and one that affects lots of countries across the world.  As a slots blog, we recommend players to take a few second and meditate about the true nature of their experience with slots games.



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