Slot games on your mobile?

Over the last few years, using our mobile phones for carrying out most tasks from e-mailing, to in internet searches and gaming has become the norm. According to recent data from Google, searches via mobile devices have become more common than desktop searches. This being the case, we thought it wise to investigate the mobile slots market, and see what site currently offer the best mobile slot games.

Probability software

Without a doubt some of the most popular slot games currently available are found on Probability’s network. One such mobile site that uses this software Fortune Frenzy have a series of different mobile slot games available. You can play a whole host of slot games with bonkers themes, such as Silly Slots and Mayan Moolah. There are even some slot games which mirror TV shows such as The Only Way Is Slots. Players can enjoy playing this 50 line slot game which offers the full outrageous experience of its TV counterpart and the chance to win up to 1000 times on your original bet. Some of the games like Silly Slots, can be played on a 100 lines. This ensures a much higher than normal pay out on slot games, and the chance to win more. Can’t go wrong with that!

Why are slot games great on mobile

Slot games tend to lend themselves very easily to the mobile market because of the simplicity of the game. They do not require a large screen, and will still work even with a mediaocre 3G signal. They are perfect for anyone just looking for a quick bet, when they have a spare moment in their day. Their simplicity is by far their greatest strength, and it is likely that we will see these types of games become increasingly more popular than other forms of internet gambling. Although this is purely suppositional, as there have been no reports released recently to substantiate whether this is true or not; it is nonetheless quite likely, given that other games like poker or more intensive card games do not lend themselves as easily to the mobile market. The issue being the size of the screen mainly.

Although, this is not true of tablet devices, and therefore the increased prevalent use of tablet devices might mitigate the loss of customers to mobile. In bingo for example, although mobile bingo has taken off, the screen size can still cause an issue for some users; however, the game is perfect to use on tablet devices.

Which slot games are your favourite ones on mobile devices?


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