Slot Playing Tips – How to Beat the Machine

Whilst no article or ‘gambling expert’ can give you 100% warranty on slot success, if you look in the right places and turn to the right people, you will pick up a lot of tips to help you beat the machine as much as you can.

We’ve put together some tried and tested tips from some of the best sources to help you on your way to slot success, or at least help you to minimise your losses.

Understand exactly how they work

Of course, all modern casino slots are powered by computers. The law states that the result must be a product of luck, not the knowledge of a player. The basis for this is randomness. The industry invented a Random Number Generator (RNG). This is the closest they can get to ‘real’ or ‘natural’ randomness.

Choose the right slot at the right time

There are so many casinos and multiple times many more slots. So just how do you choose the right one at the right moment? In our experience, we would guess that only 5-10% slots are in a ‘good’ phase (giving out more than taking in). Try to find a slot that has given out such amount two times today at most (not more). And if it was 3-5 hours ago, you might be in luck. Every player plays on, as he hits some winnings. In the meantime, the winnings just might have been already returned, but the machine is still potentially in a good phase, as it has given out some amount today.

Don’t be swayed by promotions that seem too good to be true

Chances are, if they seem too good to be true, they most likely are. Be wary of sites that offer really low or no deposit bonuses. Whilst these are really great most of the time, some less reputable sites will use them to lure you in, and lure you into a lengthy contract that’s impossible to get out of. You have to think very carefully, search and check casino’s T&C before you buy and play. Read carefully casino’s Terms and conditions as many casinos will limit you to 10% per stake of the amount given.

Choose the right casino

Getting paid at casinos is ultimately the most important fact. You do play to win the money after all. Choose wisely, stay out of any doubtful casinos. Basically, all casinos have very similar payout percentages, between 95% and 98%. You shouldn’t worry much about these tiny differences, you probably won’t even notice the difference between the min. in max. payout number.

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